My customers always ask me…

How did you get involved with selling stationery products? Actually, it goes back a long time ago. I always loved paper products and cool cards. Not to mention design. When I worked at Seasons in college, a very upscale modern gift store, they sold Paper by the Pound. Loved it! I would spend my paycheck on paper products and then take them home to write letters and notes to family and friends.

There is just something very neat about writing a letter with a special pen on special stationery set you selected as your favorite. Nothing is more personalized than a hand written card or letter, truly.

It is exciting to see the latest trends and colors new this year. Stationery does follow fashion. Often I will see a design on fabric or clothing that mirrors designs for stationery. Color speaks volumes in home design and wearable fashion as well as stationery.

So, I believe that having fashionable stationery to announce your event is a fashion statement. Fashion designers have a keen awareness for this. Vera Wang’s wedding invitations and Monique Lhuillier have spun off wedding invitations that mirror their wedding dress designs. Occasions is proud to carry Monique’s new fashion line of wedding invitations.

The weight and texture of the papers, the color combinations, designs and intricate laser cuts available in today’s fashionable papers lead one to want them all.

That is why I love being a professional Stationer. That is why I feel I have gone full circle, from working in a hip store selling edgy cards and stationery while in college, to having my business selling top of the line invitations and assisting my clients in finding the perfect statement for their opening act!