Why you should reconsider making your Wedding Invitation Ensemble purchase via the internet

As a wedding invitation consultant, I take great care with my customers and offer fine stationery products that will totally complement your upcoming wedding. When you seek the assistance of a wedding invitation consultant, you are provided 100% customer service, attention to the details and complete follow-up on your order through final delivery.

Unfortunately, when you purchase from an internet site, you miss the opportunity to deal personally with the owner; risk of making an error is high because you do not have the oversight of a consultant; once you place the order, pay for it and receive the printed product, it is yours, whether there are errors or not, whether you like it or not. I know this because some of those same companies with these websites, I represent.

The exception is purchasing from my website, www.occasionsandinvites.com. I still review the order before submitting it for approval. If I note an error, I have the capability of going in and making the correction. This does not include name misspellings or incorrect addresses…it is only the obvious that I can correct. Nonetheless, I am still reviewing the order before it goes to the company. Additionally, if you have already submitted the order, and realize that you made an error, you just have to call me or email me and advise me of the error. It can be fixed before I submit the final approved order.

Often times internet sites offer a discount. But keep in mind you are ordering from a big box company versus the small business. The small business owner has to pay for albums as their inventory…it is not a small expense, advertise, purchase space at top-notch bridal shows, and at times the owner will incur costs to you such as proofs, shipping and taxes depending on the amount of the sale. Internet sales are virtually impersonal, with no customer interaction to assist you selecting what you are truly imagining as the perfect invitation.

We take pride in our business, our product, the interaction with our clients and the above and beyond customer service we can give to our customers that an internet site simply cannot offer.