Bittersweet moments

On April 10th, my oldest, most fabulous brother, Michael passed away. He had fought a courageous fight with cancer since 2001. Bless his heart, he continued to work as on the Dallas Police Department up until he finally had to retire due to his illness. After the funeral and taking care of matters at his once home, it was time to pack up and come back to home to Michigan. My sister, mom and me and Michael’s little 3 year old dog, Bubba, came home. It was so hard.

But little, 10 pound “Bubba” has been a joy, he was immediately welcomed into our family by two very “happy to meet you” Welsh Cardigan Corgis, Pepsi and Clover. The two cats, Barney and Max, well, they could care less. I know my brother was unable towards the end, to take his little pal out for run to play fetch or for a simple walk. Bubba had to learn again to be a dog…he no longer would be sleeping by his master’s side during the final days of his illness.

Over the last few months since that sad day for my family, Bubba has bonded perfectly into this Bower family. I khow that my brother, Mike, would be so pleased and happy to know that his little Bubba was home with family. Sometimes, I think Mike is out there playing catch with the dogs…a very daily routine.

Miss you Mike!