Zack Bower and Emily Butterfield – Practice Session before Wedding Ceremony

Yes, call me a proud Mom.  My house is always full of music.  I have a 19-year old son who writes beautiful music and plays many instruments.  (It runs on the Bower side of the family)   In fact this weekend, he heads down to Detroit to record with his equally talented cousin, Jack.  Trying to get his sample CD or whatever they call it in the industry ready so they can mix it and finalize it.

The above link is from Videos from the Couch.  Zack and Emily were practing this song for a friend’s upcoming wedding a couple of months ago.   They were a hit and have received a lot of nice compliments on their facebook site. 

Take a few minutes to enjoy this folksy wedding song.  I warn you though, you will be humming it or singing it to yourself after you hear it! 

The wedding was in Grand Rapids, Michigan.