Response Cards

Response cards are enclosure cards for your invitation ensemble.  It is an important element of your invitation because you have to have a close to accurate count of the number of guests attending your event.

These cards can either be small enclosure cards listing the number of guests attending, the names of the guests attending, whether they will attend or not attend, and their entree selection.  You can also include a telephone number and/or your email address.  If using a reply card with an addressed envelope back to you, make sure you use proper postage on the envelope for its return.  If you are trying to trim costs on your wedding budget, consider sending reply post cards.  These are even available in letterpress.  They are perfectly acceptable to send with your invitation.

If you are concerned about difficulty reading a guest’s handwriting, place a lightly penciled number to the back of the response card.  On a separate piece of paper listing your guests names, match the number to their name.  When guests return the reply card, you can quickly discern who the card is from by the matching number on the back. 

Consider elegant letterpress reply post cards!