Why it is important to consider a budget, even for your invitations

Honestly, it never ceases to amaze me when I ask the pertinent question of my clients, how many guests are you inviting and what is your invitation budget, where is your ceremony/reception venue,  the majority have a clue on what they want to spend and what is the maximum amount they can spend.  The rest come to see me with absolutely no consideration in their budget for invitations.  Or they unrealistically believe I can supply them with gorgeous invitations for under $250.00 for 200 guests.   

I ask this question because when my clients make an appointment to see me, I want to have an understanding of what their budget cap is on invitations so I am not showing them a customizable line that is totally out of their budget range.   I don’t want to waste their time if they are looking for something that will be less than the quality I would want want to represent Occasions.

When you consider your invitation budget, you need to consider if you want special artwork  included on your invitation, if you are looking for something totally unique which will generally  require a separate quote, if you are looking for special papers, inks that are generally not offered, consider postage costs…pockets are the rage, but they can also cost you a few cents more in postage.   Invitations involve so much detail!   The result when coming to an invitation consultant such as Occasions, results in an invitation you can be proud of to represent your wedding day.

I think invitations are an after thought, and truly, they need to be part of the entire budget process for a wedding.  Be careful of estimates given on large websites such as the Knot, as well.  I have found that they are not always in sync with true pricing, especially when you are ordering a customized invitation.  Remember, when you buy at a discount, you also discount quality….period! 

Invitations are a reflection of your event.  If you are having a wedding at the local VFW, yes, you can get away with a seal and send.  However, if you are having a country club or other pricey venue wedding, your invitation needs to reflect that.   Truly, believe it or not, your guests are going to equate the elegance or chicness of your event by the invitation on its own elegance.  I say time and time again that the invitation is the opening act.  It is..if you send a seal and send to a guest that is attending a wedding ceremony at a pricey venue with a $30.00 or more plate per dinner, is that truly what they are expecting?? 

My theory is a nice invitation, chosen with care and delivered  to the guest as something special means that you took the time to truly engage them in this upcoming event.  It says to them, “I want you to attend my special day.”. A specially selected invitation equates to phone calls to the bride of  “I loved this invitation, it is so cool”  Wouldn’t you rather hear that?  Also, the proper invitation can equate to the type of gift you receive.  Truly.  I have seen many a dyi invitation, and I say, “really, is that what I would have sent to my guests?”  I have heard comments at bridal shows…”I went to Michaels for my invitations.”  Ok, in fairness to Michaels,I do love the store but did check out their invites…not what I would send out, but I am painfully honest, sorry ladies.  It is a cookie cutter invite…your dress is not cookie cutter, your venue is not cookie cutter, your selected dining for the reception is not cookie cutter, your reception and floral design is not cookie cutter, your specially selected DJ is not cookie cutter,  thus, neither should your invitation fall into that category!

In reality, if a guest receives a nice invitation for a wedding, they will keep that invitation as a keepsake!  What a nice thing for you as they look back on their years and “remember that wedding., it was the best one we attended.”