Dress Couture meets Invitation Couture

Remember the time you took to select your wedding gown,..it was essential that you fell in love with the dress.  The same holds true with your wedding invitations.  Each of these wedding elements takes  a thoughtful approach, having some idea of what you are looking for and focusing on what is most appealing to you.   Often times when brides come to visit Occasions for their invitation selection, they want the invitation to closely relate to their wedding dress.   Yes, themes play a part and we will explore that in another posting.  But take a look, we paired a dress with a Checkerboard invitation, called “Victoria”    Note the detail of the ribbon on the dress and the invitation?    Your selected invitation sets the tone of the entire event.  It gives the first glimpse of  design elements in the total wedding.    Add in the cake, the reception design and the floral, even the seating scroll  you have one stunning event that is totally cohesive and elegant!