Fall Themed Weddings

Fall is a beautiful time of year here in Michigan.  Today, the sun is peaking out, a bit of a breezy day with a slight chill to it.   So, in between webinars and house pick up and speaking to vendors, I threw a pot of stew together…yum!!  Biscuits will be popped in the oven in a little bit!  This time of year is perfect for wholesome comfort food.

So as I was cutting up the carrots, potaotes and other menagerie of vegetable goodness to throw in the stew pot, I was gazing out the window and veiwing the turning leaves on the trees.  I thought, I need to build a concept board for my next blog about autumn themed weddings.  There are so many rich colors to use.   In my last blog, I posted about how cohesiveness is achieved with the conception of the dress and how everything else works around that dress, from the invitation, the seating scroll, the cake, reception decor, floral, etc.  It all lends to creating the impact and the wow factor for your wedding.

Here is my concept for an autumn wedding theme…http://pinterest.com/maridesigns/fall-themed-weddings/

Check it out and feel free to add to my board if you wish. 

Now, got to get the biscuits in the oven.