Do you really need a Save-A-Date?

As a stationer, I do think Save-a-Dates are important to providing your guests a “heads up” on an upcoming wedding event.  Especially when your wedding date falls on a holiday weekend or your wedding takes place in a location that gets very busy during certain times of the year (such as beach-front properties, hotels near or at ski resorts) and when the ceremony takes place in a college town during major sports seasons such as when the MSU Spartans begin playing football in September in East Lansing, Michigan!  

When I am at bridal show or meeting with clients, sometimes I am asked if I can provide save a date magnets!  Yes, Occasions can provide these.  However, I think you can apply your wedding budget more wisely by utilizing a larger card with an envelope or a photo-post card sometimes for the same cost as the magnets.  Why?  The purpose of the save-a-date is not only to notify guests of your wedding date, it should also provide them the opportunity to make necessary hotel and airline reservations if they will be traveling from a distance.  When you purchase a magnet save-a-date, the information is very basic, comprised of your names, the wedding date, and your picture.    Your guests receive very little information other than the wedding date and who is getting married.  Yes, it looks cute on the fridge and serves as a date reminder, but that is about it.    If they want to attend your wedding and they are from afar, they will need more specific information for planning purposes. 

By using a larger card stock, you can print accommodation information on the reverse side of the card and also include your wedding website for additional details.  This provides your guests the opportunity  to make travel arrangements, get the best flight deals, and make arrangements for time from work to attend your wedding.    After all, the whole idea is to ensure that you get a great turnout at your wedding whether it is here in the Lansing area or a  special destination location.   It is also a great reflection on you because you were courteous to your guests by putting their needs first! 


The Save a Date pictured here is a Letterpress Save a Date.  It offers plenty of paper real estate on the back to include all specific information for your guests.