Your love story invitations

Don’t you love it when people ask you,  “how did you meet?”   Opens up the conversation, allows you to tell the story of your blissful romance, and what the heck, you have a captive audience!  


A wonderful approach to this modern romance story is to tell the story on your wedding invitations!  (Picture to the left is by Louella Press)   Here are some thought starters to think about..and we will be happy to help you organize those thoughts and put them on a darling invitation:


  • Answer the question…”how did you meet?”    Maybe you bumped into each other’s grocery carts at Krogers?   Or did you meet in the last hour Biology class and decided to cut class to go have a latte or a beer together?   Obviously, the connection was made and here you are today, composing verbiage for your invitations:)   Tell your story like you were the observer of your love story.
  • Highlight moments together that will forever be engraved in your gray matter…so you met in 2011…can you highlight in chronological order some happenings with you two that stand out, the definite mention-ables on your invite?  For instance, June 6, 2011-we went sky-diving on our fourth date and then Rocky Mountain climbing!
  • This is your story, so be positive, telling the story about the good things that happened on your journey to engagement
  • Tell your story about the proposal…was it a simple “will you marry me?” or were all stops pulled out to make it an unforgettable moment?
  • After your story, we will set about inviting everyone to your wedding day, just like we would on a traditional invitation with the usual invitation verbiage…but like I say, the invitation is an opening act. Be funny, be whimsy, be silly…it will be a winner on this style of invitation.  
What I find cool about this type of invitation is that no matter what the story is, I bet your story will not be duplicated by another..that is the beauty of  it; it is totally unique to you as a couple! 
So, if you are interested in putting together a story invitation for your wedding, contact me.