It is gift giving time, and Stationery makes a great gift

I know, I know, you all have your Ipods, your tablets, your Galaxy and your Droid Razr phones… do you own a nice writing instrument, and a nice stationery ensemble? If you are a professional, you definitely should have a nice stationery set complete with your monogram or printed name, ink color and fonts of your choosing.  If you are a college student, job interviews are likely around the corner or you are already deep into that process.  Send a thank you note that speaks class and professionalism.  Nothing is nicer than opening a personally hand-written envelope, revealing a beautiful liner on the inside flap and pulling out a card infused with style  and detail.

Calling cards are a wonderful item for college students, business owners and professionals.   These range in price from $24.00 up to $120.00 depending on style and the stationery line you select from.

In this age of blogging, twittering, emailing , face book posting and the like, the medium of your message carries more impact than ever before.  Personal stationery sets you apart from the rest.   You are a trend setter, keeping all wardrobes including stationery, in style.