Pink Bracelets for Laura’s fight!

Good morning!  I introduce you to Laura!  Laura has neuroblastoma, and has been fighting this cancer for a long time.  


Her mom, Trisha, is a former client of mine.  Laura’s Grandma, Carolyn Wing is selling Pink Bracelets for $3.00 to help raise funds for Laura’s continued fight.  I am supporting this and have purchased a bracelet.  I challenge my readers to do the same.    Often times Laura and her mother have to travel to New York and other city hospitals for treatment.  Purchasing these bracelets will help offset the costs involved with travel, and expenses.   If you can help in this cause by purchasing a bracelet, please contact Carolyn and she will get one out to you right away.  

 Additionally, to help with the cause, Occasions is selling Cat Note cards from Bottman Design for $8.95 and Occasions is donating $1.00 toward this cause for each box sold.  I only have 16 boxes left, a couple have assorted pictures in them, but they are perfect for cat lovers.   I have posted images below.  If you are interested, contact me here by leaving a comment or send me private FB message on this page for Occasions and I will get the necessary info from you to send out to you or have you pick up.  


Let’s help Laura fight her fight.  Purchase a bracelet and/or if you are a cat lover, purchase a set of note cards too so we can add more dollars to the cause.