A Christmas Angel

I have the coolest story to share that happened tonight, at least I think it is cool. Sometimes the Lord works in mysterious ways. Rob and I are calling it “Our Christmas story.”

Tonight, around 6:00pm, Rob and I were getting ready to head over to Frandor for a few minutes. I was coming downstairs when the dogs started to bark at the front door, they weren’t barking like when a dog being walked passes by, they were barking because someone was at our door. I looked out the window, and here was this elderly lady standing on the second step of our front porch with a cane in her left hand. She was nicely dressed and her car was parked in our driveway.

I opened the door and asked her how I could help her. I was so surprised. She said “I am lost.” She had driven all the way from Haslett through MSU campus and somehow ended up on in Holt on Willoughby Road off College Road. She was trying to find Bob Evans on Cedar Street. Poor thing! I gave her directions to get from Willoughby down to Cedar, but I didn’t feel she would be able to get there. Then she told me she her eyes were dilated earlier today from eye drops. Well, obviously, she should not have been driving at night by herself.

Rob came out the door to see what was going on and we decided to take her to Bob Evans. We were afraid she would end up getting lost or worse, an accident. She was picking up some turkey dinners and pie for her friends and herself. I drove in my car, and Rob drove her car. We got her over to Bob Evans and told her, “we are going to take you back to Haslett after you order your dinners.” So, we all went inside, learned each other’s names, had some coffee and waited for her dinners to come out. We learned so much about her, she had quite the stories in that 30 minute wait:) and she said “who said old people can’t have fun.” She was a doll!

The dinners arrived all nicely bagged up and then Rob drove her in her car with me tailing behind in our car, back to Haslett to make sure she arrived safe and sound. We had a blessing of a meeting a great lady, she was 80 years old, and we were blessed to have a Christmas story to share with everyone. I loved it!

Who knows, maybe she was a Christmas angel:)