Groom Trends for 2013

Huffington Post, Weddings, recently posted an article regarding trends for Grooms.  I found this posting to be very interesting.   As a stationer, many of my brides bring their fiances along for the invitation selection experience.  Some are very involved, enthused and some are so involved, they are the final decision makers…not the bride..(my take on that is that usually, this is a peek of how the rest of the marriage will be)…other times, I am sure they would be more happy sitting in front of my 50″ with a bottle of Michigan brew!

Needless to say, I was happy to see that Grooms are being recognized as a part of the whole wedding planning process.  After all, it is just as much their day as the bride’s.   Here are some of my takeaways after reading the article:

Groom Trends for 2013 include:

1. Bourbon Bars  –  introducing a drink station filled with bottles of the grooms favorite bourbons or scotch.   These are set up as mini-bars and are usually situated in a lounge area, giving the feel of a more relaxed area perfect for mingling and conversation.

2. Flashy Socks –  This caught me because usually the guys are wearing either flashy tennis shoes, or some other crazy, colorful footwear for the “surprise”…but why not go for the gleaming patent leather paired with wild colors, stripes, chevrons or polka-dot socks!    These are deserving of a picture in the photo album, so just be sure to flash those socks to grab the attention!

3.  Grooms are using Pinterest:   We gals love Pinterest because it has a treasure trove of creative ideas and we can share and create boards to our delight.  Apparently the guys are catching on to this as well.  Hey, they need inspiration too!   Engagement rings, creative proposals, honeymoon ideas, rehearsal dinner ideas, gifts for the groomsmen!  Your guy may not be on Ebay, he might be pinning away instead!

4.   Couple  LOR & LETTE parties:   Why not?   Take a party bus or limo to your favorite downtown spot, winery or game day!  Include everyone in both wedding parties; it almost becomes a pre-wedding reception party.    The usual standard bachelor or bachelorette party theme is still strong, but the combined party sounds intriguing.

5. Male Engagement Rings – Guys love the bling too, probably in a more understated way.  This tends to be a newer trend, and the guys are receptive to it.    If the bride is wearing one, some guys feel they should be wearing it as well.    It will be interesting to see if this trend tends to grow.

Occasions can help you come up with a FABULOUS bachelor/lette or combined party.  Just call us for an appointment, or email us or use our handy on-line scheduler.  We love to be part of the planning fun!