Endearing Love Letters

What is a love letter? I would define it as words placed on paper that are heartfelt and written with an expression that will stir an emotional response from the reader.  The letter will undoubtedly be cherished by the receiver for years to come.    

Writing a letter expressing your love and admiration for your special someone does not have to be a daunting task.     Obviously, you are inspired to write a letter of love but letter writing has become a lost art, so where do you start?  Letter writing is becoming a lost art, but nothing is more touching to the heart than thoughtfully chosen, personalized words of endearment.  So have fun with it!

Lovely stationery and a favorite pen is a great start.   Consider using sealing wax to decorate the outer flap of the envelope before mailing.    Don’t use everyday Forever stamps on your letter.  Instead use a personalized stamp (Occasions can help you with that) or visit your post office and select the prettiest stamp you can find!  

Include the date you write the letter and use a salutation that captures the heart…”My dearest Emily,”    or  “My dearest John.”   Share with the reader why you are writing to them, tell them what inspired you to write to them.   Love letters clarify what is going on inside of you, the writer.  There is something about setting pen to paper that can solidify meaning and thought.   Keep it fluid and don’t worry about making it a lengthy letter…but do be attentive to details such as darling dimples, sparkling eyes, unending patience, etc….use the adjectives!    Incorporate shared experiences, the things that were memorable, those “I will never forget moments.” Don’t hesitate to borrow a line or two from your favorite song or poem that speaks the words you want to say, especially if the song or poem already has special meaning to both of you.  Using these as lead sentences can actually be your foundation for sharing your feelings.  

There are a ton of sites on the web that can assist you in your love letter writing, a couple I have stumbled  are    www.Lovingyou.com and  www.burstloveletters.com that you might like to check out!

February is the month of love…get busy, write something special to that certain someone.  If you don’t have a special person in your life right now, write a love letter to yourself!