Valentines Day Week – Day 1 – Delta Flowers

It’s Monday, February 11th…4 days before Valentines day!   Standing in the middle of Delta Flowers, I am seeing a lot going on!  It may be quiet now, but everyone working here that is a seasoned holiday employee, knows that this is the calm before the storm.  

Delta Flowers is a large floral shop, located on the West side of Lansing, across from Art Vans.   When you walk in, you are greeted by a warm, friendly staff including two Golden Retrievers.   Buckets surround the designer counter full of fresh flowers, and two huge coolers are packed with roses, tulips, pre-arranged greenery in Valentines vases, and many other flowers.    The floral smell…totally wonderful!  It will be delightful to help Laura Miller, owner and fellow Lansing Bridal Association Member, during this busy week of Valentines!


My first day was busy, exhausting…when they say floral is messy work, they are not kidding.  I have always been a gardener so getting my hands dirty has never bothered me.  Today, I helped and  learned how to process dry packed floral.  What fun to open the boxes!  Lots of lilies, lots of roses, lots of daisies and filler flowers!!   Most of these required the removal or stripping of leaves on the stalk, the little brown stamens inside the lily’s or “boogers” as the girls call them have to be removed  and on some of the stems, special netting placed on unopened bud, removed.   Roses, totally different because of their thorny stems, required us to wrap a special plastic tool around the stem, run it down the stem to remove the thorns and leaves…yes, I had a couple heads go flying off the stem…cool thing is..nothing goes to waste.  Those heads were placed in a vase to be used in other arrangements.  

Customers were coming in to place their orders for delivery for their special Valentine!   Probably one of the nicest compliments  fpr Delta Flowers today came from a gentlemen who said he was so pleased by an arrangement made by Delta Flowers, it “knocked it out of the park”…those were his exact words!   So not only did he come in to express his thanks the floral team, he then placed another order!    Another guy came in to place an order and he told me that he loved to order arrangements that were not the typical roses.  He said, “if you really love someone, don’t settle for just roses…do something different and special.”   Is that sweet or what?    I am looking forward to hearing what the rest of these men have to say today!     

Today will be day 2 of my experience in a floral shop pre-Valentines!    My crystal ball tells me that the phones will be busier, the walk-in traffic busier…count down begins for Thursday!    Delta Flowers will be BUSY!!!   Let the fun begin!