The Process

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding or other event!  We love working with our clients and being a part of their planning process. Occasions is honored to be entrusted by you to take care of all the details♥

The Necessary Details, Preliminaries and Fine Print 

Occasions is in tune with a very techno savvy group of brides.  We also understand that brides like to shop, I love to shop.  We know it can be overwhelming to go to an internet site to look at invitations but the only thing lacking is that tactile thing…we like to touch, we like to feel the paper, we want to see what it looks like in person, but you can’t do that on an internet site!    As of January 1, 2014, Occasions is reviving its $25.00 consultation fee.  This will be waived if a deposit is placed the day of your appointment.   After one week and no order, Occasions will consider this fee as payment  for their time with you.

Order taking:

*  My clients are provided with a complete estimate of invitation ensemble costs once a deposit is received.  This will be sent to you by email if you have an email address or it will be sent via postal mail.  If your order has changes or deletions, your estimate will be revised accordingly.

* Orders of $350 or less require payment in full at the time of order.  Any other incurred costs will be assessed on the final invoice.  This could include multiple proofs, artwork costs, complete font changes, etc.

* Orders over $350 require a 50% deposit and balance due at pick-up. Any other incurred costs will be assessed on the final invoice.

Cancellation fees will be assessed as follows:

1.  Before proofing:  $40.00.  This covers the time I have taken to put information together for you, as well as any other costs I have incurred for your invitation ensemble.

2. After proof:  $75 and up  for first round proof.  Please note if  proofing has passed one proof session with or without changes, and cancellation takes place after a second round of proofs, deposit is non-refundable.


 Occasions has signed “No Discount Agreements” with many of its lines.  This benefit’s the consumer and Occasions.  I offer a professional service to my clients and only deal with companies who have the same love of quality, design, FABU-LAH-SA-TEE and most importantly, I assure all details are handled beyond your expectations.  You will not receive this type of service through the internet; much less receive the offering of customization on the internet.   Occasions believes that discounted prices equate to deeply discounted service.  Occasions does offer specials on items, watch for such specials on-line at Occasions Face Book page, Twitter, the Lansing Bridal Association website and of course, on our website, under Promotions.


* All invitations and other printed stationery are required to be proofed,  no exceptions.  This assures your expectations are met and any errors, changes and additions can be taken care of prior to the stationery going to print.

* Proofs will be submitted to you electronically, fax, or mail.  My preference is by email, so please check your email box often for proofs.

* Proofs are primarily used for the purpose of checking layout, font, copy (text), motif or monogram placement.   Proofs are typically in black and white.  However, some invitation lines do offer color proofs, but color used on proofs may vary slightly due to your computer, printer quality, paper quality and electronic transmission can skew the resulting color.   Keep in mind that the actual color on the printed invitation will be much the true, richer color.  Color profiles between computers is not exact.  Again, the final printed card will vary in color from the electronic version proof.

* Proofs charges will be incurred.  You will be charged at the rate of the invitation line chosen.  This cost will be outlined on your estimate. Your estimate will only include the initial proof charge.   Multiple proofs may equate to more charges on final invoice.

* Proof changes by the client will be charged to the client.   Likewise, errors by me or the company resulting in additional proofs, will not be charged to my clients.

* Actual mock ups for custom invitations are available from some of my lines and these can range in price from $25.00 to $100 or more, depending on the layers, papers and embellishments involved. This is a non-refundable charge.

* Client accepts responsibility for approving all  proofs.  Orders cannot be reprinted due to color variance.

* Client accepts responsibility of responding to a delivered proof.  Delay in responding to a proof for approval or changes which causes delay in production time is not the fault of Occasions.   If this results in expediting shipment after production, clients bear the cost.

* Additional proof charges may be assessed for non-English copy.

*Any cancellation taking place after first round of proofs will incur a non-refundable deposit.


* Once the proof has been reviewed and approved, written approval must be sent via email to Occasions.

* Verbal approvals are not accepted.

* Once your approval is received, I will complete the approval process to have your order placed into production.

* If I am provided a ship date, you will be notified.

* Allow 5-10 days extra production time for custom layered orders and Wedding Programs.

Other Potential Charges

* Second Run Charges will be incurred if you choose to print on both sides of stock (e.g., directions on one side of card and accommodations on the reverse side).  Second run charges can range from $25.00 to $50 or more depending on the company but these charges are for the entire order and result in significant cost savings for my clients.

* Extra envelope charges:  You will have the opportunity to purchase extra envelopes for both inner and outer envelopes.  Extra outer envelopes will be printed with the return address.

*  Tissues – many companies are doing away with tissues for invitations because the ink no longer smears or rubs off onto the invitation as it did in the early days of printing.  You may have the option to purchase tissues if you wish.

* Envelope shipment ahead of order will be assessed at the rate of the product line.

* Foreign Language charges will apply when submitting non-English wording using the English alphabet.  All text submitted must be typewritten only… exceptions. Client is responsible for specifying proper placement of accents, capital letters and punctuation.  If you are using non-English characters other than Hebrew, client must provide camera ready artwork for all text.

* Bows and other embellishments that are otherwise not a part of the sampled invitations, may be an additional cost. If you select a color that is not available for a particular invitation, a quote for the alternate ribbon will be sought and provided to the client.   We take care of navigating our resources, contracting the order and having it shipped for application to your invitation.  Be advised that you will incur any shipping costs for this service, however, we only charge you at the rate we purchase the ribbon, you only incur the shipping.  We think that this is an above and beyond deal for our brides as we are obtaining the ribbon at our cost with no mark up to you.  We can do this because this is not something we do all the time, but when we do it, we know we are getting you ribbon at a cost that will be less than going to a local big box craft store.

* Cutting charges, assembly charges, embossing, die cuts, etc., may be incurred as an additional cost with some invitation lines.  This also will be applied when Occasions is custom designing your invitation.

* Right or left corner copy (e.g., notations such as “Reception immediately following”) on the front of the invitation will be charged according to the product line’s charge.

* Special ink fees will apply if ink color chosen is other than “standard” for a particular company.

* Inside printing can be done but will be charged accordingly.

* Artwork is considered anything that I have to provide by way of picture, jpg file, etc. and is charged accordingly.   Any photo supplied by the client must be in in 300 dpi, sent as a jpg, unless otherwise specified.

* Two color ink on invitations is charged according to the company.  Keep in mind that these means the print job must be run on the press twice to include two or more colors.

* Maps supplied cannot be reproduced with any clarity from a website.  Please do not forward website maps.  They cannot be printed sharply and are not considered “camera ready.”

* Maps that need to be drawn by me or a graphic designer  & will be priced accordingly.

* Photographs must be in a high-resolution, 300 dpi.  You will be required to have your photographer sign a release as professional photographs are copyrighted even though you purchased them.  Photos will be returned to you if you provide a self-addressed stamped envelope.   Photos may be submitted to Occasions electronically as jpg attachments.

* Occasions is waived any responsibility from photograph outcomes on printed product wherein photographs supplied are taken by cell phone or similar device, amateur photography and the like.  Lighting, contrasts, and other photographic elements  play important roles in photographic outcome and if not professionally produced, we cannot guarantee a professional printed outcome.  Clients remain responsible for proof approvals and final invoice.

* Client has the sole responsibility to comply with all trademark and copyright requirements for symbols and marks used in artwork for imprinting.  Client acknowledges that he/she is the sole owner of the trademark, copyright or patent or has the authority to give Occasions and its vendor permission to reproduce such trademark, copyright or patent.  If the design is reproduced by Occasion’s vendor, to the specifications of the client, it is understood that if the design infringes or is alleged to infringe upon any trademark, copyright or patent, the client shall indemnify and hold harmless Occasions and its vendor(s) against all judgments, damages, fees and expenses sustained by Occasions and its vendors  on account of such infringement.

* Reprints after production are considered a new order and will be charged as such.     Double check your guest count to assure you are ordering the proper amount of invitations.  It is sometimes wiser to be 25 over then 25 short!

* Shipping method is regular ground, unless otherwise indicated by client.  Occasions will not choose overnight or 2-day air unless the client agrees to that charge.  Exception to this if the client has not responded to proof emails and delays production time resulting in a “rush” to allow for timely mailing of invitations.  This also applies to seating scrolls, programs, menus and other paper goods required for after ceremony celebrations.   With these items, we typically time the ordering well ahead of time to allow for proof changes and production.  Clients lack of response is not our rush but we will go above and beyond to assure items are delivered as timely as possible in these incidences.


If you request samples of invitations, we are happy to provide these to our clients at a modest cost.

Orders placed within 30-45 days of an event (yes, this happens!)

Occasions will do its utmost to assure quick turn-around time on your order.  We revel in the challenge and to date, have always been timely!    However, keep in mind that there is a timeline from order taking to production.  Occasions is not responsible for a client’s misjudgment of time needed for RSVPs, mailings, etc. when provided a “rush” or “eleventh hour” project.   Certain projects take more time to produce depending on imprinting method used, layering, embellishments, second runs, etc.


Occasions meets with clients by appointment only.   This assures 100% focus on our client needs.  Please plan on blocking at least 1-1/2 to 2 hours of time for our first meeting.  We offer the convenience of an on-line scheduler, or you can email us or contact us by telephone to set up your appointment.  If we need to regroup, you are not charged a consultation fee.  Typically,  a regroup meeting is  needed to go over significant proof changes, or finalizing items that were not completed in our initial meeting, such as finalizing ink, paper and font selections.

  • Prior to our first meeting we will send you a confirmation email and also a pre-meeting questionnaire.
  • If you have ideas that have inspired you, please bring them to our first meeting or email
    them to me prior to our meeting.  That will help me understand your vision.


We supply clients with an estimate  of your chosen ensemble or ensembles.  We will provide up to 3 estimates on your top 3 selected at our meeting.  This allows you peruse the estimate(s), decide which ensemble fits your budget, and  add to it or subtract from it based on your budget needs prior to the order being placed.

Occasions will assist you with wording selection as well, sending you a word document that is personalized with your wedding or event information. We encourage you to change, and wordsmith at your delight.  It is your wedding invitation!  But we do have a little Emily Post mentality and we will tell you outright if your invitation wording will be a bit of a faux to hear it from Occasions then  from rumblings of gossip ridden relatives and friends.  (Have you ever received “one of those invitations”…uh-huh, now you know what I am talking about!)  So shut the front door on that nonsense,  we will set you straight…and an internet site won’t do that for you, not even Vista Print or other big box!  (However, if you order on-line from my links…I check all orders and all wording and will personally call you if I see such an faux pax…many already have received such a call from me!)  Call me the Invitation Auditor!

Occasions will provide you a final copy of wording we have both agreed on that has been sent in with the order for your records.

Occasions will continually follow-up with clients by way of email, text or phone call to keep you apprised of your order status, check on your review of proofs, ship dates, and arrange for pick up or delivery.

Payment Methods Accepted by Occasions

* Check

* Cash

* Visa

* Master Card

* All charge card payments will be assessed a processing fee.

* Recurring payment plan  (credit card will be assessed monthly until 50% of order is reached, than order will be sent in).

Other Services:

Envelope Addressing (ask us for pricing)

Assembly of invitations (ask us for pricing)

Rental of easels and frames for Seating Scrolls (we mount and deliver to venue)

Welcome Bags

Signage for your ceremony and reception site

With this pertinent information provided and out-of-the-way, we look forward to serving you for your invitation needs!  You will be happy with the outcome, we have not had an unhappy customer yet!