Occasions is very experienced with bridal invitations.   This is a very detailed process especially when the element of customization is involved.  Often times, brides will tell me they are so happy that they contacted Occasions to assist with their invitations, because they simply didn’t realize how much detail was involved.  It is not unusual to hear them say, “I am so glad I didn’t order my invitations over the internet, but came to you instead.”

It can’t be said enough why brides come to Occasions…here are 8 reasons why Savvy brides come to Occasions:

  •  Savvy brides know it is smart to work with experts.
  • Savvy brides love to be treated like their wedding day is the most important day of the year.
  • Savvy brides know 100% money back guarantee = 100% worry free
  •  Savvy brides want an extensive selection of high quality lines and styles
  • Savvy brides want invitations that fit their budgets
  • Savvy brides love a full service, one-stop shopping experience
  • Savvy brides only want to work with businesses who will be around tomorrow and who have the best reviews
  • Savvy brides look for businesses that follow-up, follow-through and help keep them on track

A word about price-matching & discounting:

Sometimes we hear of other wedding vendors and retailers who offer across the board discounts for invitations. First, for the quality lines we carry, this type of discounting often violates our agreements with the manufacturers.  Second, retailers cannot operate for long by discounting like this – it is often the first sign of a business in trouble and in desperate need for cash flow.  For this reason, Occasions has chosen not be a low-price leader.

At Occasions, we take our relationships with our manufacturers very seriously, just like our relationship with our clients and we plan to be around for a very long time. We would not be able to provide the type of service and products that we offer if we were to start offering or matching discounts.  We do, however, participate in all manufacturer sponsored promotions and are happy to pass those savings to our clients.  These promotions are advertised on our blog , Facebook page , and our newsletters.

Our price range is very variable.  Thus when asked how much our invitations are, it truly depends on quantity, customization involved, and print media used on your invitation.  We will never be a low-price leader.  If your first question is “what is your cheapest wedding invitation,” we are not the place for you.  If you feel invitations don’t matter and “people just throw them away,” we are not the place for you.  However, if you recognize that your invitation is the first glimpse of your wedding day, and that first impressions make a big difference, you are speaking our language.

Once you have satisfied yourself that Occasions is the one and only place that you want to work with when creating your wedding invitations and accessories, then call or email Mary at Occasions to reserve your appointment.  But don’t wait too long, appointment slots are limited and fill quickly.

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